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CL # 813456, C-55, C-57

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Heritage Well Service has been in business since 2001. Eric Haley, owner of Heritage Well Service has been in the business for over ten years.

Eric grew up in a well drilling and pump installation business, working with family members. We are a full service pump and filtration contractor dedicated to a high quality of service for our customers. We install all well and booster pumps, filtration systems and storage tanks. Give us a call sometime!

Pro vs. Retail Submersible Comparisions

Standard 5 yr. manufacturer warranty with lightning protection
Standard 1 yr. manufacturer warranty without lightning protection
Stainless steel construction
Composite material construction
Some can be disassembled for repairs
Throw-away units, non-repairable
Robust shell
Thinner gauge shell
Robust shaft design
Smaller shaft design
Signa-Seal wear system
Not available
Stainless steel wear ring and lead guard
Ceramic wear ring and plastic lead guard
Stainless steel external suction screen
No screen